Easy Allies, Tense Affinity

Generally, I’m pretty pro the former GT gentlemen, now known as the Easy Allies guys (EZA). Game review scores seemed fair but tough, without the pandering you sometimes see around the interwebs. The Final Bosman peppered absurdity into my general gaming news along with provoking some new perspectives. Brandon Jones’ voice made the reviews even better, and I enjoyed much of PopFiction. Our reactions to the announcement of the Final Fantasy 7 remake solidified the connection I felt to this team. The podcast was regular listening material in my office job and my co-workers would give me weird looks as the men shouting at one another got too loud for my headphones and I laughed to myself. I was heartbroken over the final stream announcement but tuned in and tried to show support for this group of guys I had never met, but somehow felt significantly connected to.

And yet, I’m a mid-twenties bisexual white woman. I am not the target market for most AAA games, and potentially not even for most indie games. Can I actually justify, to myself or to others, that this group of guys is doing right by the games industry with their continued brand of reporting? Besides my love of games, I share an interest in women and my race with these guys, but I’m still almost entirely unrecognized by the games industry.
Image from Easy Allies – Community Facebook Account

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